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Hit And Run Auto Accidents

When the driver responsible for your auto accident flees the scene, that accident is called a hit and run. This is true whether their vehicle hits another car, motorcycle, pedestrian or property. Many drivers who commit hit and run accidents do so because they fear getting into trouble or being charged with crime.

Arizona law is clear. You cannot leave the scene of your auto accident without identifying yourself, calling 911 for help, aiding injured people or taking care of your responsibilities. Those responsibilities include providing your insurance policy, driver’s license details and contact information to the police and other involved parties. Unfortunately, 11 percent of American auto accidents are hit and runs. Of fatal auto accidents, 4.3 percent are hit and run crashes.

Hit and run is a crime. Multiple factors determine whether this crime is a misdemeanor or felony. But you can be ordered to serve jail time or even a prison sentence. You also face significant fines if you are caught committing hit and run, along with community service time and other penalties.

Reasons for Drivers Committing Hit and Run

Most drivers commit hit and run out of fear. Often this fear is because they are hiding something or will be held responsible for the accident. Who commits hit and run is surprising, as these people come from all backgrounds, age groups and social classes. Even “upstanding” citizens like school teachers, accountants, doctors or otherwise average people commit these acts. The American Bar Association reports that people hit and run for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Driving drunk or drugged
  • Invalid driver’s license
  • No auto insurance
  • Someone else’s vehicle or stolen vehicle
  • Too many past tickets
  • Outstanding arrest warrants
  • Using a company car
  • Illegal immigration to the U.S.
  • Possessing illegal substances or stolen property
  • Fear of arrest or repercussions of negligence

Getting an Attorney’s Help after Your Hit and Run

Some accident victims are able to identify who committed their hit and run. Others need the help of a thorough investigation. But if the driver will not admit he or she committed this crime after an auto accident, you will struggle to get the insurance information you need to gain appropriate compensation.

Talking to an attorney can help answer many of your questions about your hit and run accident and the damages you suffered. An attorney evaluates whether your case may offer potential toward court resolution. If they feel it is worth their investment of time and money, they may offer to help you. In this case, the lawyer files a lawsuit for you, against the other driver.

Of course, getting involved in a hit and run lawsuit means bringing in expert witnesses and investigators able to prove the defendant perpetrated this crime of hit and run after your auto accident. So you need an auto accident lawyer with the connections for proving your case, as well as experience in winning these types of lawsuits

In a hit and run auto accident, you can hold the car’s driver and the vehicle’s owner responsible for your damages. This means multiple defendants in your case, both of whom can be held liable for injury and property damage compensation. If the vehicle that hit you was a company car, that company is also responsible and can be sued in court.

Experienced Arizona Hit and Run Accident Lawyers

You need the experienced and skilled help of a qualified hit and run accident lawyer to get you through the complex claims processes of the courts. This lawyer must also bring the ability to gain real compensation for your damages. This is why you need a highly skilled and experienced hit and run auto accident attorney.

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