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Unsanitized Surgical Instrument

Just the thought of having to go in for surgery can be frightening. This concern has risen with the many negligences performed in the medical world. Unfortunately, many people’s lives turn into a nightmare even after going in for a routine surgery. Discovering that a negligence occurred because a surgical instrument was not properly sanitized is devastating. How can medical staff break such a commonly practiced rule within hospitals?

Having a dirty instrument used during a surgery can cause a patient an infection. Infections could be non-life threatening or they can be deadly. Infections can cause severe pain, the area that is infected might have to amputated, it can extend a person’s recovery time, and can even be the cause of their death. Along with infections, dirty instruments can also cause horrible diseases like mad cow disease, hepatitis, AIDS, and more. The tricky thing with these diseases is that they may not appear for months after the surgery.

The Orlando Attorneys have dealt with many cases involving unsanitized surgical instruments. These mistakes should not be happening in a setting that requires extensive sanitizing.

What Causes a Surgical Instrument to Become Infected?

Different scenarios can cause a dirty instrument to be used on a patient. The hospital’s procedures and policies are supposed to be followed. By following these rules, a patient’s safety is ensured. When these policies and procedures are broken, the use of an unsanitized instrument can occur. Some hospitals try to save money by using an instrument that is only intended for a one-time use but do not realize that that can cost them even more.

Using a dirty instrument can be caused by human error or by breaking the hospital’s policies and procedures. These are some instances how a dirty instrument comes into use:

  • Not following hospital’s procedures
  • A hospital having inadequate rules
  • The sterilizing equipment malfunctioning
  • Re-use of one-time instrument
  • Not counting all of the instruments after surgery

A hospital is required to inform any patient who has undergone a surgery that may have been a victim of a dirty instrument. They must test the patient for all possible infections and diseases and follow-up with them. Also, taking preventive measures like having the patient take antibiotics can help reduce the exposure to any infection or disease.

Unsanitized Instrument Case Settlement

A 63-year old man underwent a knee surgery and four days later went back to the hospital complaining of a swollen knee, fever, and hot flashes. The man was found to have pseudomonas infection. This infection caused him to remain in the hospital for a month with IV antibiotics. However, the infection caused his right knee joint to become completely destroyed. His right knee required an amputation.

Three other patients had acquired the same type of infection during the 10-day period around the time of his surgery. The hospital has used unsterile instruments. He was awarded $534,000.

Unsterile Surgical Instrument Lawyers Serving Orlando

Becoming a victim of an unsanitized surgical instrument can leave a person speechless. How does that happen? This is a mistake that should not be happening at all. The lawyers at Percy Martinez Law Firm are baffled when they receive calls from victims of an unsanitized surgical instrument. This act alone frightens the thought of going into surgery, along with the many other medical malpractices that can occur. No one should experience this grave negligence.

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